Can you identify any of the photos shown on this page

And help us out?

This photograph & the one below were sent to me by one of my contacts, Donna.  She found them amongst her grandmother's photographs with all the other family pictures.  She doesn't know if they are any relation to her family or not.  The surnames directly associated with her grandmother are WELLS and RALPH.

Can any Shrubsole researchers identify them please;  if so we'd love to know whose family they belong to & if we're lucky enough to find out I will publish the details here.  

This photograph has Annie Shrubsole written on the front & the photograph below has Teddy Shrubsole written on the back [isn't Teddy adorable!].

Can anyone help identify this soldier please?

It is a postcard which on the back is written

To Rose
From George

We think it could well be a George Shrubsole but can’t be sure.

It looks like a pre WWII uniform so it is possible that it is

George Shrubsole b 1893 who had a sister Rose

But as yet we can’t find any military records for George.

Any help greatly appreciated.

Can anyone help identify this photo please?

It has the studio name on the back

G. Aldridge, Hythe, Kent

Can anyone help identify this house please?  It was a postcard sent to a relative & postmarked New Romney 1905.  We think it was a friend of the family (or a family member yet to be identified) who sent it & presume from the remarks that one of them is in the picture in front of the house.  If we can identify the house we maybe able to find out who was living there.

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