The Shrubsole name appears in many places all over Kent from the 1500's onwards, and over time branches of the family have moved on to pastures new, creating a forest of Shrubsole trees around the world.  

This site is about one of those trees; the one to which I belong.

I originally published this site, in the hope that it may interest others, and also help me to make contact with people researching the same family & that seems to be working well, as I now have many new relatives, all over the world,  that I previously knew nothing about.  Those of you that have been visiting often will know that I had a brick wall with my gt x 3 grandparents.  Fortunately during the end of 2016 I was able to knock through that wall and jump back another three generations by linking into another of the Shrubsole trees that I was also researching.  I was so pleased and excited, that after all these years I managed to work it out.  Sadly you will see lots of trees on the Ancestry site who give different versions;  please follow the evidence & come to your own conclusions, but if it would help I can disprove the other theories I have seen on Ancestry.  I have outlined my theories which led to the breakdown of the wall on my gt x 3 grandparents page,  John Shrubsole & Ann Clements.

I am also aware that a lot of the descendants from this other branch of the family spell their surname Shrubshall.    There have been so many variations of the spelling of the surname within this large family group, with the name being spelt differently even within a close family group, that I have, for the purposes of this website, kept them all to my grandfather’s spelling of the surname which was Shrubsole.   It is not done with any intention to offend any of you who spell your surname differently but it is just so much easier for me to keep to the one spelling in my database for ease of searching etc.  I do keep a record beside each person as to how their surname was spelt in any given document, so if anyone has a query about this you are welcome to contact me.

My Gt x 3 grandparents were born in the 1700's and lived with their children in Monks Horton, Kent.  I have, by breaking down the brick wall, discovered that my gt x 3 grandfather was baptised not far away from Monks Horton in Saltwood & from there the family goes back to Lyminge; again not far away.  I have started to put the details of these three generations on the website and will continue to do so until I have it all on here.  Then I will see if there is some background history on the family locally to uncover.

Over the years the family spread from Monks Horton & Lyminge all over, and my grandfather ended up in Folkestone, Kent, which is where I was born.  I spent my childhood years in Nigeria, and returned to live in Kent when I was a teenager, & in 2010, now retired, I moved to live on a smallholding in a lovely part of West Wales.

During my quest to find my family I have amassed a vast database of Shrubsole /Shrubsall & Shrubshalls over several years and continue to collect this data as I research.  I am happy to check my data for you if you would like to e-mail me with your request.

I would love to hear from you if you think you have a connection to the Shrubsoles & related families

& if anyone has any information that can help in the research I would dearly love to hear from them.

I have transcribed the 1901 census of Monks Horton and the 1881 census of Stanford (done before everything was easily available on the internet) and you can access these via the link to census returns on the home page.

The site also contains a section on "other Shrubsoles" - purely for interest; some have found a place in history & some have just caught my imagination, but they are not (as yet) connected to my tree. I often get sidelined when doing my own research & see something interesting so go off in a completely different direction.  This collection of ‘other Shrubsoles’ came about as a result of me stumbling across some interesting pieces of data & following the lead;  I just cannot resist a challenge!

Please also bear in mind that if you do find any of your family here it is always advisable to check out the original source material to confirm the details;  I may have made a mistake in transcribing, or copying from my data to the website. You are welcome to contact me first in case I am holding a copy of the original, which I will gladly share with you.

I recently started a closed group on Facebook for members only, for all Shrubsole/Shrubshall/Shrubsall researchers, called


& the membership is steadily growing.  It would be great if those of you who do belong to Facebook joined.  The aim is to be able to interact with one another & hopefully exchange information & help one another with research etc.  If you would like to join please click on the Fb icon which should take you to the group and once there request to become a member & I will approve your membership.  If you have other friends or relatives who are searching too then please tell them about the group as well.

Thank you for visiting & I hope you come back soon.

Sandra Collins.

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